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My Results:

Having heard about, and been wanting to participate in Ludum Dare for quite some time now, I finally decided to join up for ludum dare 22 and its theme: alone. The challenge? Completely concept, and build a game, by your self, in 48 hours.  *_*; I decided to go with a jump and run platformer entitled: Find your shit! The general backstory was that you awoke in a strange mansion full of danger and pitfalls wearing only your underpants, find your shit, and escape. Each article of clothing or bottle of booze would give you bonuses. The only two that were actually implemented were: shoes that increased your jumping ability, and hotpants that allowed you to slide down walls and wall-jump. I had planned to have a headband that allowed you to headbutt through cracked walls, and for the first item, right next to you as you awoke to be glasses. Which of course allowed you to see.

The challenge was of course, much harder than I had expected. I thought I would easily be able to complete my modest set of features, as well as put just a touch of story in there. (I had planned to have talk boxes every time you picked up an item, a place where youd see the main character grumble to himself some strange / stupid pun or random outburst of profainty.)

I intend to make sure to add these elements to my next submission. Miserable failure as this project is, it atleast received some pretty good marks for humor.

The game: As you can see from both the gameplay and the image… I never got a chance to do any of the world graphics. I spent far too much time on the main character’s sprite and the game engine. The biggest problem of course being, that i decided to write my own platforming engine from scratch. Big mistake.

I wound up spending 2/3 of my time writing the engine. This left almost no time at all for graphics and testing. The game is of course, brutally hard. As i was building it I kept thinking it was too easy, this was of course, because I’d just been playing it the whole time and was used to the awful jumping curve.

All in all, I completed what I set out to do. Its a game, it works, theres not really any show-stopping bugs, and you can both win and lose. It’s not everything that I wanted it to be, but it was a damned fun experience. I intend to take part in as many LD events as possible moving forward.

My next endevor however, will be a LD Jam competition. The Jam is a variant of the traditional LD compo, in which you have 72 hours instead of 48, as well as being able to have a small team of people instead of just yourself.


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