As It’s a broken / unfinished pile of shit complete with floating purple squares masquerading as next/previous buttons, I’ve been planning for a while now to redo Having basically 0 functional web presence (of course unrelated to the accidental deletion my previous blog’s database), I figured it was time to start on a new site instead of trying to dig through the now 3 year old source code. I had a wonderful Idea to have a legions of spacemars robot land, and the site’s character jumps from the cockpit and resumes a similar walk-aroundey 3D world to the current site. Of course this time, it would all be in pretty pretty FP11 hardware 3D. Hopefully I can make it asĀ cinematicĀ as possible, as well as give the character the chance to get back into the cockpit, and explore the same world, this time as a giant motherfucking robot.

Now that I have at least some ortho’s done I’d like to work up some 3D model’s and get to work. Hopefully I can keep the scope small enough to finish it up in a couple of weekends… otherwise, I doubt itll ever get done. Ha!





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